The perfect combination between Innovation and Business Development

For 15 years dedicated to the creation and development of technology businesses for companies of all sizes, both in Mexico and Latin America as an independent consultant, including: MetLife, Nestlé, Givaudan, Redbox Innovation, Consubanco, Duo Capital, Fyo and Agrofy .

Founder of PagoFácil, a Mexican start-up focused on promoting financial inclusion in Latin America, by providing a comprehensive offer of accessible, fast and secure e-commerce solutions to micro-enterprises and SMEs. He is also the founder of Exponential Motor Company, a Green Technology company that converts any car into a hybrid (gasoline-electric) supported by Artificial Intelligence.
Currently Partner and Commercial Director of Klustera, a platform for analytics and digitalization of human behavior in physical places.

ExO Expert (Exponential Organizations). Schusterman Alumni; Kinner Alumni; Singularity University Alumni. Graduated in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City.